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BECOME A THIRD WHEEL! We've been doing this thing since 2017 - we don’t get paid, we just really enjoy flexing our creative juices. But there’s a backlog of interviews raring to go, (we’re good at the interviewing part) - what we don’t enjoy is editing. It’s an art, it’s subjective to each episode, and it’s a black hole for time. Here’s our proposition... We’re going to start a supporter scheme to raise funds to pay for an editor (£200/month) and a website (£85/yr). In return, we promise not one but TWO (2) ad-free episodes per month, exclusive to you via Supercast. We’ll also highlight your name as a 3rd Wheel Supporter when we get our new website up. AND: We'll send you a thank you card and stickers. We’ll have the same great content, and we’ve got other ideas brewing up our wizards sleeves (like merch and live shows). Alex and I really love what we’re doing, and we want to continue - but we can’t do it without your help. Become a 3rd Wheel and support us today!  Thanks for listening, Jenni and Alex XXX

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The first 20 people to support us will get a personalised & handwritten haiku on a Wheel Suckers card, actually physically snail mailed into your beautiful and kind hands. £5 per month will help us pay for an editor, for a website, and a host of other shenanigans and swag in the works. In return, we promise 2 ad-free episodes per month, plus your name listed as one of our Early Bird 3rd Wheels on our soon-to-be-launched website. We also don't believe in just one reward at the initial point of joining - every 6 months we'll introduce a new reward as a thank you for your commitment. 

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